Class Schedule


Is  an expressive style of dance with fluid movements focusing on floor work and improvisation performed in bare feet offered to ages 10 and over


Is a percussive style of dance where tap shoes are worn to create the unmistakable sound associated with Tap Dancing.

Offered to ages 3 through to Adults




Is a modern dance style incorporating technique and stylization to perform energetic moves, footwork, jumps and turns

Offered to ages 3 through to Adults


Is a Competition where many other dance schools / students perform and get a chance to showcase their skills in a competitive environment.


Is a disciplined and graceful style with movements requiring strong technique and using traditional french termanology.

Ballet requires Ballet shoes, tights and hair to worn in a bun. Performances are mostly performed in  lovely Tutus.

Offered to ages 3 through to Adults


Is a street style dance  which includes various moves such as Locking, Popping, Krumping and more. A very energetic dance style offered to ages 8 and over.




Various styles of exam work are offered including Jazz, Tap, Ballet & Contemporary.

  • Grading process for exam work is based on teacher’s discretion and student’s ability, and enthusiasm.

  • Attending a Dance Exams is a fun, but serious and demanding undertaking. 

Students are required to do outside preparation with theory, history and assignments in preparation for their dance exams.

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